Fedrigoni introduces "The Extraordinary Creatures Book", the new Constellation swatch book detailing the range of FSC ® certified ECF wood-free embossed uncoated andcoated papers.

Balena alba metallica, Hippocampus musicalis, Elioptero illuminarium: an imaginary bestiary of the rarest creatures.

A fish with pineapple scales, a large whale and a sea horse that morph into musical instruments, clocks and intricate gears, with skins in embossed and pearly paper. They are the animals in the Constellation world that open the doors of imagination and leave room for the wonderful patterns of Constellation Snow® and the traces of light of Constellation Jade®.

An impressive swatch book of embossed papers and cards that respond to the needs of packaging and deluxe graphic design, enhanced by high-impact and extremely elegant visual effects. Several different printing techniques alternate over the pages of this visual book, where tactile effects combine with each other marvellously to emphasise the impressive whiteness and tenacity of Constellation Snow (available for some patterns with embossing on both sides) alongside the brightness of Constellation Jade coated on one side with special pearlescent pigments.

The full range embraces 25 different embossings thanks to three new patterns: Moon, Spillo and Milano - available as white versions for Snow and pearlescent versions for Jade.

The swatch book also includes a version of Constellation Snow designed for wet-strenght labels that are ideal for high-end products such as still and sparkling wines. There is also a "SuMisura" (Made to Measure) section where certain shades in the Sirio Color range are combined with a number of embossed patterns in the Constellation range to provide inspiration for customised colour solutions.

Available Weights:

 - Constellation Snow : 115,130,170, 200, 240, 280, 350 e 400 g/m2;

 - Constellation Jade: 115, 215, 300 e 350 g/m2

The new 115g/m2 weight for Constellation Snow replaces the 90 g/m2 weight and is intended to reduce transparency in box lining.