The Fedrigoni Group

The Fedrigoni Group, with 125 years of history behind it, is a leading international player in the production and sale of various types of paper and in particular high value added paper, security products (such as paper for banknotes and security documents) and self-adhesive items (“converting”) and is the leader in Italy and Europe by total turnover in the production and sale of special graphic papers.

In addition, the Group is the sole Italian producer of paper for banknotes accredited by the European Central Bank for producing the watermarked paper of the Euro banknotes and produces security items and security paper for central banks and printing institutes. The Fedrigoni Group stands out for its positioning in top value added market niches thanks to its superior and constant quality of the product, its breadth and customization of the product range and its level of customer service. Its history, its strong identity and the recognizability of its brands, combined with the excellence and innovativeness of its product range, the efficiency and effectiveness of its distribution network and its flexible and highly synergetic manufacturing and business processes, enable Fedrigoni to enjoy a position of significant importance in a domestic and international context.

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