Pulp 16

The sixteenth edition of Pulp, made for Fedrigoni by Eye magazine.

For the sixteenth edition of Pulp, made for Fedrigoni by Eye magazine, we are pleased to announce that we are now publishing a German/English edition, which was unveiled at the Top Award 2019 ceremony in Berlin on 8 May.


The issue’s handsome cover is printed on Sirio Ultra Black 280 g/m² with a portrait of Munich-based graphic designer Mirko Borsche, printed silver-on-black with a foiled logo. The issue includes features on Barcelona design studio Clase BCN; London design agency IWANT’s packaging for matcha brand Ukiyo; a behind-the-scenes look at the judging process for the Top Award, illustrated with work by winners past and present; and a series of drawings by British illustrator David Gentleman who documents the process of paper-making at Fabriano.


  • In ‘Form follows strategy’, Sarah Snaith talks to partner and creative director Daniel Ayuso of Barcelona design studio Clase BCN which, rather than chasing trends, strives for sensitivity and vision.
  • Fedrigoni’s Chiara Medioli writes about the celebrated British illustrator David Gentleman, who captures the teamwork, skill and machinery involved in papermaking in the Italian Apennines. Gentleman drew these pictures on location at the Fabriano mill while the paper masters were making Artistico, Fabriano 5, Roma, Esportazione and Tiepolo papers. They are accompanied by detailed technical captions written by Fabriano’s Giuseppe Prezioso.
  • In ‘The floating world’, Patrick Baglee talks to design agency IWANT, which became its own client after launching a beautifully packaged brand of matcha tea.
  • Pulp looks at Fedrigoni Top Award winners past and present, and goes behind the scenes with the jury to ask the question, ‘What does it take to win?’
  • The subject of our regular ‘People and paper’ feature is Mirko Borsche, whose designs for the Bavarian State Opera are as adventurous as the institution’s worldclass productions.


Pulp 16 was printed on papers made in Italy by Fedrigoni, including Sirio Ultra Black 280 g/m², X-per White 140 g/m² (new shade), Fabriano Rusticus Bianco 140 g/m² and Splendorgel EW 140 g/m². The printing was managed by L.E.G.O. in Vicenza, Italy.


Artists, illustrators and designers worldwide are welcome to approach Pulp with anything of interest made using Fedrigoni or Fabriano papers. Please contact the Pulp editorial team at pulp@eyemagazine.com.


Design and printing professionals who wish to read a copy can buy Pulp clicking here.

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