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Welcome Fedrigoni Digital for HP Indigo®!


We present the new swatch book featuring a collection of papers certified for HP Indigo® printing with maximum rating (3 stars in all the categories), and in new formats to be discovered, developed to make the most of HP Indigo® Serie4 presses.

In this swatchbook, you’ll find for the first time an innovative gallery of images and illustrations printed with the latest HP Indigo inks and technologies: Silver, Premium White and Fluo electroinks, indiChrome, Light Light Black and more.  

Trendy papers added to the HP Indigo® selection, mostly in B2 size widened up to 75x53/53x75 for Series4 presses, including:

  • Freelife Cento, uncoated 100% recycled
  • Sirio Ultra Black, the blackest on the market
  • Sirio Pearl Coal Mine (black pearl) and Rose Gold (golden pink)
  • Materica Kraft, the trendiest sustainable paper
  • Arena in 4 combinations of shade a finishing
  • Symbol Tatami, the best in class for art catalogs
  • Silverado Photo Paper®, the sensation of a genuine photo paper, without plastic
  • X-Per in the new White shade, an off-white contemporary shade
  • Touch Class, the first range of uncoated papers and boards in the world for digital enhancements like Scodix and MGi, and that never gets dirty. 


Interested? Find out more visiting our Paper Selector 

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